Don’t sell. Story tell.

  Great brands tell stories. Thumb through most B2B-oriented magazines, and even many consumer-oriented magazines, and you’ll see a great many ads that get straight to the point. Here is a case in point:       There’s no mistaking what this ad is about, nor the value conferred. Buy this printer for your business Read More »

Does Your Logo Matter?

  In our previous blog post, we made the case that company name, logo, tagline and graphic design don’t really matter that much to building a brand. What truly matters is the experience you consistently deliver to your customers. Everything your brand represents stems from that. Does that mean things like logo don’t matter at Read More »

What’s in a Name?

  What Brand Ain’t: In last week’s post, we clarified that “…neither logo, name, image nor messaging make a brand. At most, they play a small part in supporting a brand.” This is so important that I’d like to devote an entire blog post to this. Because, in many people’s minds, brand is just that: Read More »

Video Content Marketing

By Ron Marcus, ZUZA Marketing Cheerleader Video. It’s arguably the most impactful medium. Done well, it engages, entertains, informs and captivates. The success of YouTube speaks for itself. The term “viral video” is itself a viral term. Savvy marketers get this, and the best are doing really great video content marketing to gain prospects and Read More »