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Video Content Marketing

By Ron Marcus, ZUZA Marketing Cheerleader Video. It’s arguably the most impactful medium. Done well, it engages, entertains, informs and captivates. The success of YouTube speaks for itself. The term “viral video” is itself a viral term. Savvy marketers get this, and the best are doing really great video content marketing to gain prospects and Read More »

2013 In Review

  Another year of blog posts. Another year, another collection of how-to articles from the ZUZA Marketer’s Blog. As we close out this exciting year, we’d like to give you a recap of all the ground we’ve covered together in 2013. Get a digest of all the info-packed blog posts from 2013, with links to Read More »

Product vs. Brand

  Best Product vs. Best Brand Contributed by Ron Marcus, ZUZA Marketing Cheerleader Many companies boast loudly and proudly that they offer the very best product or service in their industry. And they may be right. But they’re still not the sales leader in their category. Why is that? Because, odds are, their competitors, with Read More »

Brand From Within

  Part 3 in our series on branding   Normally when we talk about branding, we are thinking about the perceptions our customers have of our company, products and services. This is right, but not enough. It leaves out one very important constituency: your company team. The perceptions and motivations of your staff are just Read More »

Rethinking Rebranding

    Contributed by Ron Marcus, Marketing Cheerleader at ZUZA Nike. Starbucks. McDonalds. Apple. Coke. All have logos that are instantly recognizable, classic, iconic – and for the most part, consistent over many years of use. Sure, some have undergone refinement over time – Apple’s logo used to contain a spectrum of colors in horizontal Read More »

Colors & Logos

Whether you’re starting a new company or considering a rebrand of your current one, your logos and colors play a starring role in your corporate identity. Your logo design and colors are often the very first thing people see of your company, and first impressions count for a lot! One study reveals that we make Read More »