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Read ZUZA’s concise, step-by-step guide to building an effective lead nurturing program.

Lead Scoring

  Lead Scoring To Determine Sales Readiness This is the fifth in a series of blog posts about Lead Nurturing, the essential marketing process for turning leads into sales-ready prospects. In our previous post in the Lead Nurturing series, “Content Mapping,” we discussed defining your qualified buyers and creating buyer personas for them so you Read More »

Marketing’s New Rules

    We recently participated in a conference for users of the Pardot Marketing Automation platform (which ZUZA also uses). The conference was as much about the new rules of marketing as it was about using the tool itself. The expert speakers at this conference reaffirmed the sea change in B2B marketing that we must Read More »

Lead Nurturing

Previously in the ZUZA Marketer’s Blog, we touched upon a number of tactics and steps in the guiding of prospective buyers from initial brand awareness to the point of being receptive to contact from your sales team. We’ve discussed Marketing Automation, Buyer Personas, Content Marketing, Blogging and Webinars. We’ve emphasized that offering content that is Read More »