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Managing Assets for Marketing

  How To Manage Your Assets – DAM or MAM? Your marketing department has two kinds of assets: “digital assets” and “marketing assets.” The term “Digital assets” refers to individual files, including graphics, documents, audio, video and other file types, that can be used in any number of ways. “Marketing assets” refers to fully designed pieces Read More »

Local Marketing

We no longer sell to a homogenous market. Once upon a time, all marketers had to do was come up with a standardized creative approach and blast it to the masses. Those days are gone. Today, consumers are empowered with countless media consumption choices, from thousands of specialized cable and satellite channels to millions of Read More »

Automatic Brand Control

Using Technology To Automate Brand Compliance. In another blog post we talk about how brand consistency is critical to building and maintaining customer loyalty and trust. But if you market and sell through a distributed organization, you may find it difficult to maintain brand consistency. As in many organizations, you may find your distributed sales Read More »

More Marketing ROI, #1

Part 1 in a 2-part series So you’ve started hearing more and more about Marketing Asset Management, or “MAM,” as a way to boost your marketing ROI. You’re intrigued, and looking to understand how to quantify ROI more tangibly for your organization. Let’s look at how MAM will boost your marketing team’s productivity while producing Read More »

Scale effortlessly

 Download this post as a PDF » As a marketer, you get constant requests to provide marketing and sales promotional materials, a.k.a. assets, to your representatives in the field. (“Representatives” is a catch-all for sales reps, distributors, dealers, franchisees, retail outlet managers – your distributed sales and marketing organization.) If you sell to multiple markets, Read More »

Localize Your Maketing.

The CMO council has just released its study, “Localize to Optimize Sales Channel Effectiveness.” The executive summary is free and outlines the trends driving marketers to increase localization of their marketing campaigns, including events, direct mail, localized websites, social networks and electronic messaging. A few tidbits the study revealed: 49% of marketers believe localized marketing Read More »

Can M.A.M. boost your ROI?

Can a Marketing Asset Management solution boost your bottom line? You bet your bottom dollar it can, if one or more of the following apply to your organization: You have a distributed sales and marketing organization. Meaning, you have external staff, representatives, dealer/distributors, local store marketing (retail outlets, franchisees), etc. involved in delivering marketing communications (collateral, Read More »

M.A.M. vs. D.A.M. explained

. How is M.A.M. (Marketing Asset Management) different from D.A.M. (Digital Asset Management)? D.A.M. helps you catalog your digital assets in a central, searchable repository for easy retrieval – graphics, photos, videos, art files, what have you. If you have a large organization and lots of digital assets, a D.A.M. makes it a lot easier Read More »