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Lead Nurturing: what is it, really?

  Lead Nurturing explained: It’s a term that has become a daily phrase in the marketer’s lexicon. In fact, we use it so much, it may be in danger of becoming a generic catch-all for anything to do with getting buyers from start to purchase. But lead nurturing, a.k.a. drip marketing, and it’s various components, Read More »

Inbound Marketing or Outbound Marketing?

  The great debate: should you switch from outbound marketing to inbound marketing? Over the past few years, “Inbound Marketing” had become more or less a household term among modern marketers, taking its place as the “successor” to outbound marketing. The term was coined by one of the pioneers and now front runners of the marketing Read More »

Outsource nurturing?

  Why it may pay to outsource your marketing automation for lead nurturing. Much has been made of the promise of marketing automation technology to enable a modern marketing miracle – automating complex lead nurturing campaigns that will: market to an unlimited number of prospects tailor your marketing communications to give buyers the information and Read More »

Trade Shows Still Matter.

Contributed by Ron Marcus, ZUZA Marketing Cheerleader   Trade show attendance is declining. It has been for years. This is a common lament by those of us who cut our teeth working trade shows in the 1990s. Those were the days when trade shows were packed! The aisles were congested, presentations, music, videos and exciting Read More »

Beyond the Hype

  Marketing Automation: The Hype, And The Reality Over the past few years, enthusiasm for the promise of Marketing Automation to vastly simplify your marketing effort has been growing to near-manic proportions. Marketing Automation vendors are telling us over and over that all we have to do is follow these “simple” steps: Just create some Read More »

Marketing’s New Rules

    We recently participated in a conference for users of the Pardot Marketing Automation platform (which ZUZA also uses). The conference was as much about the new rules of marketing as it was about using the tool itself. The expert speakers at this conference reaffirmed the sea change in B2B marketing that we must Read More »