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QR Codes as Art

One of the biggest complaints about QR Codes is that, well, they’re ugly. Their random patterns of blocks and squares look like a mess and clutter up an otherwise pretty graphic design. Despite their apparent homeliness, QR Codes are quite effective. Just open a QR reader app on a smart phone, scan, and voila! You Read More »

QR Code Best Practices

A lot has been said about the almost ubiquitous QR (“Quick Response)” code – some of it complimentary, some of it not so much. On the complimentary side, QR codes are still trendy, visual, scan-able, convenient and cool. On the not-so-much side, QR codes are ugly, gobble precious real estate in graphic designs, require a Read More »

QR or Tag?

Contributed by Ron Marcus, ZUZA Marketing Cheerleader I was recently on a business trip, reading the in-flight magazine, when I came across an ad for a new Bose Bluetooth earphone. The ad contained a 2D barcode to scan for more information. Now of course I am familiar with QR codes, (QR meaning “Quick Response”), a Read More »