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Epic Twitter Failures!

A quick guide to avoiding common mistakes on Twitter. Twitter is like a microphone attached to every TV and radio station broadcast antenna in the world…and the world is listening and watching every second. As soon as you tweet something, the world (140 million daily users) can read it, forward it and respond to it. Read More »

Why Twitter? Part 2

In Why Twitter, Part 1, we made the case for using Twitter in your marketing, and outlined some basic strategies for increasing your Twitter influence, finding potential customers and learning more about your target audience and competition. We also shared some links to some excellent PDFs that describe in more depth how to get started Read More »

Why Twitter? Part 1

Dear fellow marketer, By now, it’s possible you’ve heard so much hype about Twitter that you’ve long ago tuned out all blog posts, white papers and webinars on the subject. And at this point, you’re either using Twitter religiously to promote your business or you still think Twitter is nothing more than a bunch of Read More »

Are you on foursquare?

If you’re a B-to-C marketer and are getting hip to conducting multichannel campaigns, you’ve probably been combining social media engagement with your print collateral, direct mail and email communications, and you’ve gotten pretty savvy with using Facebook and Twitter. But what about foursquare? If your next question is, “What the heck is foursquare?”, please read Read More »