Content Marketing


ZUZA offers you Content Marketing Solutions to Increase Brand Recognition & Gain New Customers


The fuel that powers your cross channel lead nurturing effort is B2C and B2B content marketing – giving your prospective customers useful, informative and entertaining content that builds their trust in your brand.

Content for content marketing should be designed to help your customers, not sell. By providing this useful content, you are demonstrating to your customers that you are an expert, trusted advisor in your field, and, most importantly, that you genuinely care about helping your customers, whether they actually buy from you or not. By continuing to offer this to your customers through your content marketing, you will be successfully lead nurturing, guiding your customers naturally through the sales funnel on their buyer’s journeys.

Formats for your content marketing:

Great pieces of content for B2C and B2B content marketing include:

  • White papers
  • eBooks
  • Infographics
  • How-to videos
  • Newsletters and blog posts
  • Webinars

How to generate content for content marketing:

There are many topics you can leverage to create great content for your customers. Each topic can be repurposed for various formats. For instance, a webinar topic could also be presented in a blog post, a white paper, a longer eBook, an infographic and a video, giving you at least six individual pieces of content from the same topic – providing a quick start to your content marketing already. Topic categories to consider:

  • Education: teaching about subjects related to your expertise and things your customers would want to learn about
  • How-to: instructional content – similar to educational content, but showing specifically how to do something, like how to prepare a food recipe or how to build a bicycle
  • Case studies: real life stories of your customers who solved a problem using your offering – crafted to convey a real solution versus appearing to sell your offering
  • Testimonials: similar to case studies, these show your customers that other people have tried your offering and are happy with it
  • News: about interesting things that are happening in your industry
  • Entertainment: offering a humorous take on something the customer can relate to
  • Games and quizzes: this could also fall into entertainment, and provides something fun and memorable
  • Lists: such as, “Seven ways to improve your _____.”
  • Link pages: pages with links to many other resources your customers will find interesting and helpful
  • Interviews: every time you have an opportunity to chat with someone who would be interesting to your customers, take notes, or better yet, shoot a video
  • Research and surveys: have you sponsored or conducted your own research or surveys? Publish your findings.

ZUZA Campaigns™ – Content Marketing Services & Lead Nurturing

ZUZA Campaigns will bring your content marketing for lead nurturing to life, promoting your content to your customers – with cross channel marketing and content marketing services that deliver communications promoting desirable content over the channels your customers prefer, and at the times that are most appropriate to their stage in their buyer’s journeys.

The experts at ZUZA can help you plan your B2C and B2B content marketing campaigns for lead nurturing by working with you to:

  • Identify your target segments, a.k.a. “buyer personas”
  • Map their buyer’s journeys – the stages they will progress through in the sales funnel
  • Create a list of content that can be offered to your customers, over the right channels, at the right times
  • Detail the flow of communications that will promote your content to customers in a controlled sequence

Then we’ll go to work, building the content marketing communications and the automated workflows for cross channel lead nurturing.

As customers respond to these communications, ZUZA Campaigns and content marketing services will automatically deliver the content customers have requested, then send follow-on communications offering additional content. As customers respond to your content marketing and consume more of your content, they will progress through the sales funnel, and ZUZA Campaigns will score their activity to give you an accurate picture of each customer’s potential sales readiness.


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