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Expanded Mission, New Name

CPS Printing, the company that’s been meeting the printing and marketing needs of companies for over thirty years, has a new name: ZUZA. Same people. Same great service. Now with even more ways to help you.

As early as 2004, CPS recognized the growing need for automating the management of marketing assets. Marketers didn’t just need high-quality, high-speed printing service. They needed a way to respond to an ever-increasing size of market, with national and global distribution points all needing localized versions of materials. That’s when we launched Cordius Group and the cor-Port Marketing Asset Management (MAM) online portal.

In the ensuing years the need for automation only intensified. The recession forced companies to accomplish their marketing with fewer resources, while advances in internet and mobile technologies vastly expanded the number of marketing channels required to reach prospects. The old manual methods of managing campaigns simply couldn’t keep up with demand anymore.

CPS Printing and Cordius Group worked diligently to increase the capabilities of the cor-Port MAM solution to match the escalating demands placed on marketing teams. Naturally, MAM became our primary focus, integrating all of the capabilities we’d built up at CPS Printing over the years to support you: printing, fulfillment support, comprehensive mailing services, email campaigns and a powerful online portal to manage it all.

Everything come together to form a comprehensive solution so powerful, yet so elegantly simple to use, that we felt we needed a new name to reflect our expanded mission. We picked a name that conveyed the empowerment we wanted to bring to marketers, a name with energy and positivity, a name that speaks to our desire to make you feel like a marketing champion. That name is ZUZA. And so on September 8, 2011, CPS Printing and Cordius Group officially became ZUZA.

As the world of marketing continues to evolve at an ever increasing rate, you can count on ZUZA to be behind you every step of the way, giving you what you’ve always gotten from CPS Printing and Cordius Group: the highest quality product, fantastic service and passionate dedication to your marketing success.

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