Cross Channel Marketing


Reach your buyers how and when they like with ZUZA Campaigns.

In today’s super-fragmented, Internet-driven world, there is no single best way to reach your prospects. Nowadays, you have to use a cross media marketing approach — combining email, SMS, voice calls, social media, landing pages on your website, and good old direct mail.

You need a way to reach buyers they way they want to be reached – on the marketing channel of their choice and at the times they prefer. ZUZA Campaigns delivers – with targeted marketing communications tailored for specific buyers across all the marketing channels they like to access.


Cross Channel Marketing = Multi-Channel Marketing

There’s only one way to reach buyers today – and that’s cross channel – meaning, across multiple marketing channels at once.

Today’s buyers consume content on multiple marketing channels:

  • smart phones
  • tablets
  • laptop computers
  • smart watches
  • TV
  • radio
  • apps
  • postal (direct) mail

They receive cross channel marketing content in the form of:

  • emails
  • web pages
  • SMS text messages
  • social media posts
  • automated phone calls
  • print – postcards and envelope packages, publications

You need an automated lead nurturing service that enables to you automatically deliver all of the above marketing channels and forms of content to all of your segmented buyers.

ZUZA Campaigns is your answer. The ZUZA Campaigns Cross Channel Lead Nurturing service delivers contextually relevant, compelling offers across all marketing channels in a coordinated campaign. Lead nurturing campaigns include automated workflows that trigger follow-on communications whenever a buyer responds to your campaign, delivering those communications to whichever channels are most suitable to your buyers at any given point in time, corresponding to where they are in their buying cycle.

All marketing channels work synergistically – direct mail, email, web pages, landing pages, social media and phone – with congruent messaging, creative execution and calls to action. Buyers will receive a unified message through cross channel marketing that gives them the offers they’re looking for, at the times they want them – and advance them through the your marketing funnel – all the while building trust in your brand.


Personalized cross channel marketing communication with PURLs – Personalized URLs

ZUZA Campaigns not only instantly personalizes each communication – over every marketing channel – with content tailored to the recipient, but also with links to a personalized web page that is specifically assigned to that recipient. That means, no matter which of your marketing communications your recipient responds too, you’ll know how they got to your website, because the PURL for the webpage they’ve access is fully tracked. This is especially helpful in cross channel marketing, because it allows you to see which channel resulted in the web page visit, and ultimately, a conversion. ZUZA Campaigns presents all of this cross channel marketing tracking to you in one convenient dashboard.


Cross Channel Marketing the easy way

With ZUZA Campaigns, the setup, sending and tracking or your cross channel marketing marketing communications and campaigns are all done for you. ZUZA does all the heavy lifting for you so you can remain free to focus on lead nurturing and cross channel marketing strategy and creative. With ZUZA Campaigns, even the most complex cross channel marketing campaigns become easy for you.

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