Dimension One Spas

See how Dimension One, a leading supplier of home spa equipment, uses ZUZA to greatly simplify its global collateral fulfillment.


Question: Can you tell us a little bit about your business, and what it was like to manage your marketing needs prior to working with ZUZA’s Marketing Asset Management (MAM) system?

James Hedgecock, COO, Dimension One Spas: “We’re a 35 year old, family-owned, hot tub and swim spa company. We’ve been manufacturing hot tubs since our inception. Very high end, backyard hot tubs – that’s our niche – to build the best possible product we can, the best possible solution for a customer that’s looking for backyard hot water relaxation. We sell our products through retail-direct stores in the United States and North America, and then we sell through distributors around the rest of the world – Asia, Europe, South America, Australia. Today we are a radically different marketing team than we were before. Before we had a few people in house and we’d try and handle dealer calls and they’d need this or they’d need that and either it was the marketing team or customer service team trying to help with that. The two big problems that we had with our old system was both the cash management issue of buying a large order and then the obsolescence and the logistics of inventory management on fulfilling those orders – all of which have been cleared up with the new system we are working with today.”

Question: How has ZUZA simplified your marketing collateral management workflow?

Jodi Wischerman, Customer Service and Aftermarket Manager: “Well across the United States and and including Europe, we have about 325 distributors. Imagine 325 people placing orders consistently on a daily basis for packs of brochures or packs of different types of literature. With the amount of literature we carry, it just got to be too much. We definitely spent more than an hour a day processing literature orders. Today, with a lot of our distributors, dealers – we don’t even hear from them for literature orders. You now feel like you have, like, almost a whole extra day in a week to do other things.”

Question: How do you feel about your decision to switch your marketing collateral management to ZUZA?

James Hedgecock, COO, Dimension One Spas: “The real beauty of ZUZA is that you’ve got offset printing, you’ve got digital print on demand, you’ve got mailing services, you’ve got an extremely creative team, and you have that entire system, that entire team, within an interactive online solution available both to us and to our retail partners at the same time. ZUZA has been an extremely valuable program that, right now, I don’t think we could live without.”

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