If you thought QR codes were cool, you’ll be blown away by Documobi’s IPR (Intelligent Print Recognition).

Documobi Intelligent Print Recognition Technology

Documobi’s cutting-edge IPR technology lets you turn any graphic into a scannable link that will take the user of an iPhone or Android to any web page you choose. Just upload the graphic to Documobi and specify the URL of the associated web page. Then, all the user has to do is scan that graphic with Documobi’s free smartphone app, just like you did to get to this page.

Scan with DocumobiImagine the possibilities.

Any business card, postcard, poster, even outdoor signage, can be easily scanned to access content with an iPhone or Android smartphone. With Documobi, there’s no need to clutter your beautiful designs with unsightly QR Codes.

What’s more, Documobi delivers real-time analytics of user information and activity related to each scan, giving you instant ROI tracking of your campaigns. Learn more about Documobi »

Innovative technologies for your campaigns.

ZUZA brings you advanced technologies like Documobi to help your marketing campaigns cut through the clutter and engage your customers. Talk to us about your next campaign. We’ll be happy to explore all the possibilities with you.

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