Marketing Solution Guides

  • Solution Guide 9 – The True Costs of Marketing Automation.

    The True Costs of Marketing Automation.

    Ask marketers who’ve already invested in marketing automation, and they’ll tell you that it is neither easy to learn or nor inexpensive to implement. Learn exactly what you might be getting into with the do-it-yourself approach, and why it can pay to outsource your lead nurturing to an agency instead. Download your free copy of this informative guide now.

  • Solution Guide 8 – Use MAM to End Collateral Obsolescence.

    Use MAM to end collateral obsolescence.

    Marketing Asset Management (MAM) helps you keep your collateral current with instant customization and on-demand printing. With MAM, you no longer have to throw away stacks of generic collateral that have become obsolete. This paper explains how to use MAM to cost effectively deliver collateral that’s always up to date to your distributed sales channels. Download your free copy now.

  • Solution Guide 7 – DAM and MAM Demystified.

    DAM and MAM Demystified

    Marketing Asset Management (MAM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) serve two different sets of needs. There’s been a lot of confusion about the difference between the two. This paper will help clear things up and help you decide what’s best for your organization. Download your free copy now.

  • Solution Guide 6 – Put Your Marketing Collateral Management on Autopilot.

    Relieve Marketing Pains with MAM

    If your company markets through a distributed sales and marketing organization serving multiple target markets, you’re likely experiencing the many challenges of managing your organization’s collateral. MAM (“Marketing Asset Management”) can solve these challenges with a simple-to-use online system that automates on-demand collateral customization, production and fulfillment, with built-in brand control. This guide shows you how.

  • Solution Guide 5 – Buyer Personas: Essential to Today’s Marketer.

    Buyer Personas – Segmenting Your Market

    Today’s buyers are a lot different from the buyers of previous decades. With the power of the Internet on their side, they’ve grown accustomed to controlling the way they receive information and marketing messages. To appeal to them, we must switch from a homogenous, mass-marketing approach to a personal approach that speaks directly to each individual buyer. A good way to learn how to better communicate with your customers is to use Buyer Personas. This paper provides an introduction to using this important marketing tool.

  • Solution Guide 4 – Marketing Asset Management: The ROI Booster.

    Boost Marketing ROI with MAM

    So you’ve started hearing more and more about Marketing Asset Management, or “MAM,” as a way to boost your marketing ROI. You’re intrigued, and looking to understand how to quantify ROI more tangibly for your organization. Let’s look at how MAM will boost your marketing team’s productivity while producing significant cost savings.

  • Solution Guide 3 – Support Local Marketing With On Demand Custom Collateral.

    Customization with MAM

    Today’s empowered consumers require personally relevant marketing communications. We need to speak directly to them, showing that we understand the world they live in, their individual needs and their individual desires. Marketing Asset Management (MAM) technology enables you to easily and quickly customize collateral to any number of distinct target markets.

  • Solution Guide 2 – Get Your Brand Under Control.

    Brand Control with MAM

    The larger and more widely dispersed your local-level sales and marketing organization is, the higher the potential for local staff to create or modify marketing materials themselves – without carefully adhering to your company’s brand standards. MAM solves this by allowing you to fully protect your brand while allowing staff at the local level to easily customize materials for their customers.

  • Solution Guide 1 – Solve the Collateral Fulfillment Dilemma.

    Marketing Scalability with MAM

    As a marketer, you get constant requests to provide marketing and sales promotional materials to your distributed sales and marketing organization. MAM gives your team the ability to quickly deliver localized marketing assets to any size team with practically no effort. This paper shows you how.

  • eBook – The Essential B2B Lead Nurturing Handbook

    ZUZA Essential B2B Lead Nurturing Handbook

    The practice of lead nurturing has reached the tipping point as the way marketing must be done. Companies have realized that this is the way today’s customers want to be engaged. This comprehensive, easy-to-use handbook will show you the essential steps involved in designing, launching and maintaining your successful lead nurturing program. Get yours, absolutely free, courtesy of ZUZA.


ZUZA Services Brochures

  • Gain more marketing agility. Leave your competition in the dust.

    Gain More Marketing Agility

    ZUZA MAKES YOU AGILE. Let ZUZA do the heavy lifting for you, freeing your sales and marketing teams to focus on growing revenue. By leveraging ZUZA, your teams can quickly execute effective marketing campaigns that address the constantly changing market in real time. With ZUZA as your partner, you’ll be able to maximize your ROMI like never before.

  • Marketing Made Easy: A host of services supporting YOU.

    Marketing Made Easy

    ZUZA helps you get marketing done, with a host of services designed to make your marketing easier. Let ZUZA support you with cross channel lead nurturing, custom collateral on demand, commercial printing, complete mailing services, inventory and logistics.

  • ZUZA MAM™ helps you eliminate wasted marketing supply chain costs.

    ZUZA MAM Reduces Marketing Costs

    Marketing can be a significant cost center. ZUZA MAM™ dramatically decreases this cost center while helping your team get more marketing done by automating your marketing materials supply chain. The service provides an end-to-end solution that manages the marketing materials for your entire organization and eliminates significant costs.

  • Integrated Marketing Services: Everything you need to look great in print and manage your marketing materials.

    ZUZA Pocket Brochure - All Services

    ZUZA gives you an efficient, cost-effective way to manage all of your print materials and more. Get world-class print quality from our ISO 9001:2008-certified production facility. Build and send your direct mail campaigns right out of ZUZA too. Show your concern for the environment with our certified “green” papers. And easily provide customized collateral to your distributed sales and marketing organization with ZUZA MAM™: Marketing Asset Management – all with the convenience of a single vendor.

  • ZUZA MAM™: Easily deliver customized collateral to your teams, on demand.

    ZUZA MAM™ Custom Collateral For Multiple Markets

    You need a simple way to deliver custom collateral on demand while protecting your corporate brand. ZUZA solves this challenge with a wonderfully easy-to-use online platform called ZUZA MAM™ (Marketing Asset Management).

  • ZUZA Identity Builder™: Easily customize and produce corporate identity materials.

    ZUZA MAM™ Customized Corporate Identity

    No matter how large your organization is, ZUZA Identity Builder™ makes it a snap for your distributed users to produce customized stationery items – letterhead, envelopes, business cards, note cards and more – in just minutes, with no training required, while maintaining full compliance with corporate brand standards.

  • ZUZA high end printing & mailing capabilities.

    ZUZA Print Capabilities

    ZUZA supports your marketing with high end printing and mailing capabilities complimented by our expertise in providing creative solutions to your campaign challenges. ZUZA produces your materials with the greatest care using state-of-the-art equipment in our ultra-modern facility.