Drip Marketing

Drip Marketing Automation from ZUZA

Let ZUZA drip marketing help you stay connected with your customers. Our professional drip marketing campaigns let you stay in touch with all of your clients while giving them the right information at the right time. Our drip marketing automation service relieves your team of burdensome everyday tasks, freeing up their time for more important, creative work.

ZUZA drip marketing campaigns allow you to maintain just the right amount of contact with all of your customers, old and new. We can help you determine the right set of automated communications based on your timeline and your customer needs. Our drip marketing chain is set in motion when you get a new visitor, and it draws from your existing queue of carefully crafted materials. We will help you personalize your materials and get them looking perfect.

The key to successful drip marketing is timing, target, and type of information. You need exactly the right type of information to be targeted for each user at the right time. The elegance of this kind of drip marketing campaign is in the front-loaded effort and outlay: you do the creative work with our assistance once, and then the system does all the work for you from then on out.

ZUZA drip marketing campaigns really work. Marketing messages that are carefully created for a targeted audience produce far more ROI. And when your messages are timed correctly, your readers are far more likely to click through on them. Let ZUZA meet your drip marketing needs and enjoy your increase in business (not to mention your freed up time).

Research confirms that drip marketing can really boost a company’s marketing ROI. Drip marketing campaigns trigger a tailored stream of great information for your website visitors and clients, providing targeted emails that get far more clicks and revenue. Our blend of strategy, expertise and drip marketing software will take your brand to the next level.