Franchise Marketing

Give your franchisees what they’re craving.


Presenting the easy way to give your franchisees the marketing materials they need, and the unit level customization they want, with guaranteed brand compliance. See how in this video:





Sell More Franchises!

The Market Maker™ franchise marketing platform form ZUZA makes it easier to attract franchisees, offering them:

  • “Soup to nuts” marketing support
  • Easy backend system that’s incredibly convenient
  • Access to all kinds of print and digital marketing communications, fully branded and ready to use
  • Flexibility to customize their materials for their local needs
  • 24/7 online access and super fast delivery
  • Cost-competitiveness for big or tiny runs
  • Consistent, exacting print quality
  • Ability to drive higher, faster revenue!

 Your Custom Branded Portal


Your Franchisor Benefits

  • Guarantees brand compliance
  • Frees your team from time-wasting fulfillment &
  • customization tasks
  • Motivates franchisees to use your marketing system
  • ZUZA will help you continually promote the system with
  • an internal marketing campaign we’ve developed
  • Helps franchisees drive more revenue with timely,
  • tailored, brand-approved communications
  • Amortize artwork to all units with no extra cost for customization
  • You control what franchisees can customize
  • Govern access with multiple permission levels
  • Rich reporting shows you usage at every level
  • Area developers, master franchisees, multi-brand franchisees,
  • single-unit and multi-unit franchisees
  • Prevent legal liabilities
  • Track virtually every click to verify usage
  • and send reminders
  • Reduce costs. ZUZA handles all of the infrastructure for you.


Instant Print Marketing
Instant Online Marketing

All Kinds of Marketing Materials

Handles all types of marketing materials

  • Brochures
  • Direct Mail
  • (including list building
  • and mailing)
  • Menus
  • Flyers
  • Coupons
  • Stationery
  • Ads
  • (print & online)
  • Promo items
  • Signs & displays
  • Email designs


Direct Mailing Lists Built Right In

Franchisees can easily assemble complete mailing lists as they place orders for direct mail campaigns, selecting from a wide variety of demographic criteria for targeting local consumers.

Build your own mailing lists


Robust Reporting

As your users consume materials, ZUZA keeps a detailed history of all orders, letting you instantly see how and where those materials are being used.

Robust Reporting


Example: Restaurant Chain


Menu Template

Coupon Template

Business Card Template


ZUZA High End Printing

Single Source Simplicity & Quality

  • Simplified print vendor management
  • One vendor, one contract
  • Pre-approved, standardized pricing
  • No need to bid every job
  • Simplified billing
  • Price efficiencies from vendor
  • consolidation and volume pricing
  • Consistent print quality and color
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • Platform and print production teams
  • integrated in one facility
  • Fewer participants in the supply chain
  • Shortest path to your franchisees
  • One-stop production and fulfillment


Why ZUZA is a Great Partner for Your Franchise Organization

  • Deep experience tailoring distributed channel marketing solutions for companies like Rubio’s, Catalina Restaurant Group, Daphne’s, EuroAmerican, Vistage International and Dimension One Spas
  • Internal marketing – we’ll promote using the system to your franchisees with an ongoing campaign from ZUZA
  • Highly responsive customer service
  • We’ve provided commercial printing services for decades
  • State-of-the-art print, mail & fulfillment facilities in-house,
  • not outsourced

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