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M.A.M. vs. D.A.M. explained


How is M.A.M. (Marketing Asset Management) different from D.A.M. (Digital Asset Management)?

D.A.M. helps you catalog your digital assets in a central, searchable repository for easy retrieval – graphics, photos, videos, art files, what have you. If you have a large organization and lots of digital assets, a D.A.M. makes it a lot easier for your entire organization to source files.

M.A.M. incorporates D.A.M. functionality and takes it a step further, focusing specifically on the needs of marketers. M.A.M. adds the ability to create and customize multiple versions of marketing materials (flyers, ads, brochures, direct mail, HTML emails, etc.) using the assets stored in the D.A.M., and also automates your marketing workflow, simplifying production and delivery of multi-channel marketing campaigns to myriad target markets.

ZUZA offers a state-of-the-art integrated M.A.M. solution to help marketers automate the production and delivery of multi-channel marketing campaigns. Integrated means that production and distribution capability – printing, shipping, fulfillment, warehousing, postal mailing and emailing – is included as part of the M.A.M. solution, rather than housed within variety of different vendors. This offers the benefits of:

  • Simplifying management of the production process
  • Accelerating delivery of campaigns, and
  • Ensuring higher production quality.

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