Martin Furniture

See how Martin Furniture has made ordering and fulfillment of catalogs much quicker and easier for its sales network.


Question: Can you tell us a little bit about your business, and what it was like to manage your marketing needs prior to working ZUZA’s Marketing Asset Management (MAM) system?

Christine Takara, Marketing Director, Martin Home Furnishings: “Martin Home Furnishings is a leading manufacturer of quality home office, entertainment, and bedroom furniture. We have two main brands; Kathy Ireland Home by Martin, and Martin Home Furnishings. We are a wholesale manufacturer and distributor and sell to retail stores across the nation and even internationally. So our catalogues are used by consumers and our retailers and our sales reps to sell our products as well. Prior to ZUZA we were printing bound catalogues like this one about every two years and our 35 sales reps would email me their orders and I would have to then email that order, once approved, to our customer service lead, who would place the order and email that to someone in the warehouse who then needed to fulfill the order. It was an extremely tedious and time consuming process for all of us, and besides that, there was a lot of waste with bound catalogues. We were constantly making revisions to them, and our catalogues were becoming obsolete. We were throwing away tons of inventory.”

Question: How has ZUZA simplified your marketing collateral management workflow?

Christine Takara, Marketing Director, Martin Home Furnishings: “When ZUZA came to us with this solution, it was something I hadn’t even dreamed was possible and it fit our needs exactly. I’m pretty much a one person marketing department, and so having to fill catalogue orders isn’t really high priority for me and with ZUZA, I don’t have to worry about that. The sales reps can handle that themselves and it saves me time, and it saves our customer service department time, and even our warehouse guys. Retailers will request catalogues from our sales reps, and our sales rep team of about 35 sales reps each have a login onto ZUZA’s portal. They will login and place an order, whether it’s a complete catalogue or just a few catalogue pages, and that order will come to me via email, and all I have to do is click approve or decline, and ZUZA takes care of the rest. They fulfill it, and I don’t need to do any follow-up.”

Question: How do you feel about your decision to switch your marketing collateral management to ZUZA?

Christine Takara, Marketing Director, Martin Home Furnishings: “Working with ZUZA has been phenomenal. They were always the preferred print vendor for me, but now with their fulfillment, they are really a one stop shop for my printing and fulfillment needs. Their team is knowledgeable, creative and professional. ZUZA has made ordering and fulfilling catalogues so much simpler with their portal.”

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