Medical Printing: Mini-Folding

Miniature folding for Medical Printing

Medical Printing: Mini-folding for instructions, prescriptions and more.

When you need a printer that specializes in meeting the precise packaging needs of the medical device and pharmaceutical industries, you can rely on ZUZA. In addition to printing your product materials with pin-point precision, ZUZA can also meet your miniature folding requirements for instructions inserted in your packaging with our HERZOG + HEYMANN KL 45 miniature folding machine.

This state-of-art device is designed specifically to meet lightweight paper processing needs. The KL 45 can fold sheets under 18 inches wide and make folds as little as .70 of an inch apart. This is perfect for such materials as mini-folded directions that accompany medical prescriptions, instruction sheets for medical devices, legal liability leaflets, and other printed materials that are required for small packaged products.

Most importantly, ZUZA gives you the quality control assurance of our ISO 9001:2008 certified processes for not only printing and packaging but folding too, bringing the entire production process within one ISO-certified vendor/partner.

ZUZA’s miniature folding device, the latest addition to our highly capable bindery department, is part of the full complement of commercial printing equipment ZUZA maintains to fulfill all of your project needs. However demanding your requirements, ZUZA is your fully capable medical printing partner.