Cross Channel Lead Nurturing


Accelerate your lead nurturing campaigns with ZUZA’s cross channel lead nurturing service.

Setting up and running cross channel lead nurturing campaigns can be very complicated and time consuming — and trying to do it yourself with your own dedicated marketing automation platform can actually make it more complicated (learn why with this white paper »). With so many moving parts to arrange, track, measure and refine, who has the time and people to get it done for you?

ZUZA does.

ZUZA Cross Channel Marketing and Lead Nurturing Campaigns


Start your ZUZA Lead Nurturing Engine:

Cross Channel Marketing Campaigns made easy.

Give us the who, what, and why.
We’ll take care of the where and the how.

Simply tell us:

  • Whom you are targeting,
  • What you want to offer them, and
  • Why they will want it.

Then we’ll go to work with you to design a cross channel marketing campaign that will reach your target market by every practical medium.

Now for the easy part. While you sit back and relax, we’ll put all the pieces together with our robust cross channel marketing platform and launch the campaign for you. We’ll take care of everything for you, including:

  • Producing the campaign components:
    • Direct mail pieces
    • Email blasts
    • SMS messages
    • Automated voice calls
    • Social media posts
    • Website landing pages with data collection forms and calls to action
  • Launching and managing the campaign:
    We’ll take care of all the emailing, postal mailing, social posting, what have you – according to the campaign schedule.

mutichannel campaign dashboard


With the ZUZA campaign dashboard,
you’re always in the driver’s seat.

The ZUZA multichannel marketing system provides you with a campaign dashboard that gives you a clear window on your campaigns with:

  • Up-to-the-minute tracking and reporting, so you always know how well your campaign is doing
  • Rich data to help you refine your tactics for the highest effectiveness
  • A robust profile of your leads as they progress through your campaigns, complete with scoring and grading, so you can see your hottest prospects at a glance


Compare the high cost of doing lead nurturing with a marketing automation tool versus doing it the easy way with ZUZA:

Cross Channel Marketing & Lead Nurturing with ZUZA Campaigns

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