ZUZAMED™ Quality Assurance


ZUZA’s Quality Management Process



As we plan your projects, we will draw on our decades of experience to identify any risks inherent in a print project, and make adjustments that will prevent delays while conforming to your specifications.

Document Control

Every project you bring to ZUZA starts with a Device Master Record (DMR) and a Device History File (DHF). These provide all the details of your order, including project check lists and raw materials chain of custody, as well as a document specification sheet which spells out your exact requirements. As each production project goes through its various phases, we inspect a random sampling of significant size to ensure uniform conformance with the document specifications. At critical intervals, we provide print proofs for you to inspect.

ISO 9001:2008

ZUZA lives by ISO system standards for quality assurance throughout the printing process.

We’ve maintained ISO 9001:2008 certification since 1998. Our detailed processes ensure uniform quality and help us to continually increase efficiency while decreasing errors and waste. This is your guarantee of a universally consistent manufacturing process, from the moment we evaluate and plan your project components to the on-time delivery of the finished product.

At ZUZA, we inspect and document your project at every step – using standardized communication for proofing, plating, paper specification, ink usage (including environmentally friendly inks), color matching, print density standards, bindery, packaging, fulfillment and shipping.

What this means for you:

  • Consistency: The final product we deliver to you will consistently meet the specifications and fulfillment instructions you have provided to us. (ZUZA maintains one of the lowest NCMR rates in the industry.)
  • Control: We use your proof as our control document to make sure the correct part number, version and revision are printed.
  • On-time delivery: Our processes enable us to provide consistent on-time delivery of your print orders, even under the most urgent of deadlines.


Methods we employ throughout the production process include:

  • A computer tracking system traces every project from estimating to delivery.
  • Quality control records are produced for every assignment, providing valuable data for maintaining the highest efficiency.
  • Quality assurance random sampling provides necessary control without the cost of inspecting every piece.
  • Opticontrol scans the first few words on each text page to ensure that every collated booklet page is in the correct order.

Packaging & Fulfillment

At this stage, we follow detailed shipping instructions to ensure that all the proper components are assembled exactly to your specifications, with subsequent fulfillment and shipping per the schedule and transportation method you have specified.

Project Tracking & Reporting

For each of your projects, your ZUZA team will provide a detailed timeline spreadsheet to you. Our enterprise tracking system will give you visibility and full reporting at every project step. We can also generate an open order report showing parts in inventory, project P.O.s, part numbers, important dates, quantity delivered, delivery instructions for multiple shipments, pulls from inventory and box/skid quantities. Certificate of Compliance ZUZA stands behind every project we produce. For each print project we deliver to you we can provide a certificate of compliance, verifying that we have matched the requirements specified in your document specification sheet for that project, with no substitutions.